Lungs, lungs, lungs



As my Respiratory term comes to a close (2 weeks to go!) I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the last couple of months.

We had an unusually quiet 2 months as all the staff keep telling us. The busiest I got was having 18 patients in a day. My average was 7. Definitely not busy. I spent a lot of time gossiping with the other girls on the ward actually. It has been a nice term with minimal after hours so I have been heading home most days on time. It’s been heaven.

In saying all that, the things I learnt in Respiratory were helpful.

I learnt how to read Spirometry better. Have a look at mine! What do you think?



If you couldn’t guess… It was normal! My FEV1/FVC was 105% predicted. Go me!

I learnt how to manage common respiratory pathology including Asthma, COPD, ILD, and investigation of lung malignancy and I attended Bronchoscopies! The image below shows a lot of mucous and erythema of the walls. Looks pretty nasty!



I listened to chests and heard lots of murmurs, because when you have lung pathology you generally have heart problems too (Actually, most of your patients are old and crumbly who have everything wrong with them).

I attended the Respiratory Masterclass for all the registrars who will be sitting their exams in a couple of months and got to see them all in action and stressed out (so glad I’ve decided I am not going to be a physician).

And finally I attended weekly Department meetings where we go through radiology cases and then presentations. My presentation is next week. For those interested look up Cryptogenic Organising Pneumonia (COP) if you don’t know too much about it. That’s my topic. If you like I can post my slides in to a post if you want to read a bit about COP. Let me know!

All in all an enjoyable term, it’s nice when there is not too much stress and sick patients to worry about. I’m looking forward to my next term despite it being all after hours work. It’s the only other time besides ED where you are an actual doctor, and not just a paper pusher.

In addition to all that I did in respiratory, I also finished my first subject for my Masters (pending 2 final assessment pieces, I’m sittin on a HD!), and I presented non-invasive ventilation at JMO education which was really beneficial to me in regards to public speaking AND learning about NIV.

For now though, I’m going to enjoy the long weekend coming up, myself and M are going away for it, so no medicine, just relaxation.

I’ll have some exciting posts coming up in the next few months. A couple of holidays, courses, job application process (and the outcome), what 2017 will look like and more!

Stay tuned.


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