ALS2, Travel, Study and Work

The last month has passed by so quickly! It’s been a busy month which is why I’m only just writing here now!

When I last wrote I had just completed by radiology course online. From there I went straight in to preparing for my advanced life support 2 course which I completed in Melbourne earlier this month. It was a fun but intense 2 days which required my full attention. Acute medicine is where I want to go so this course was as relevant as it can get for me. The aim from this course was to go in, consolidate my ABCDE’s in peri- and arrest situations and come out with the skills and knowledge to a) run a resuscitation and b) have the skills and perform well enough to become an instructor.

Every member of the community should know how to complete basic life support. It’s better then not being provided with no form of resuscitation by a bystander. As a healthcare professional we should all be able to provide advanced life support. Here is the algorithm. It’s not hard, but it’s a course that we should all attend.


Very happy to say that I was identified as instructor potential so at some point this year I’ll be sitting the advance life support instructor course and will then be teaching healthcare professionals advanced life support! Teaching and parting your knowledge in medicine is so important for the system to continue to progress and I look forward to getting involved with teaching others!

Melbourne was fantastic. I spent 5 days  in total there, 2 for the course and 3 to have a good time! Saturday night was my favourite. We went to Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar and Grill for dinner where the meat was exquisitely cooked to perfection and then spent a few hours at the casino playing some blackjack for fun. I ended up even and the other half went home $50 up. On the way home I was lucky enough to experience the joy of the qantas club lounge. I feasted on breakfast treats and tea for 2 hours as my flight was delayed. It was heaven.


Back from Melbourne, and straight back in to work for another 7 shifts straight in Intensive care. I’ve managed to do a few more lines, specifically arterial lines in the radial and femoral artery. I’m yet to place a central line but I’ve been so close! I had the ultrasound on the neck looking at the internal jugular vein with the needle on the skin about to go in when my patient vomits. My senior registrar had to take over as the patient wasn’t tolerating lying flat any more. The good thing is that I’ve used the ultrasound, I know how to locate veins and I’ve placed a femoral line. The principles are similar for a central line, so when the time comes I’ll have no trouble putting in the central line!

Satisfaction of the week was having to take blood from a lady who is on ECMO and was 20L positive fluid balance. Yes you read right, 20L!!! She was oedematous everywhere. I definitely didn’t go blind, but after I had a go, my registrar had a go and failed, I had a second go and success! As small of a job, I was very satisfied. It’s the little things.

I’ve now got a week off to get my life in order. It’s the boring things. Cleaning, washing and study – My masters started this month and I’ve already got to get started on my first assignment. The learning never ends!

Have a wonderful rest of March!

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