Brain death by Radiology


So I’m currently towards the end of my week off post ICU shifts…

I thought I’d be smart and do a radiology course online for the last 2 days by Lightbox Radiology. I completed X-ray: Combined Chest and Emergency Interpretation. Holy cow after 2 days I’m officially fried but have I improved my X-ray skills! I went in and couldn’t pass the pre-test. I really knew nothing about X-rays. Medical School teaches you only the basics, you know, the ABCDEF.. how ever it ends approach. We never went through actually looking at images over and over again. And it probably didn’t help that as a student I didn’t step foot in anything Respiratory related (I am completing a term this year though).

There were a total of 8 modules on Chest interpretation and a further 8 modules on Emergency interpretation which covered all the bones and abdomen. The modules on the chest were by far the most beneficial for me, but I decided to complete the combined course because in Emergency I’ll be seeing a lot of fractures and I’ve still got at least another term of Emergency before I get on the training program (And then I’ll still need to do some ED time). After the modules I sat the post-test and passed with 75%! When I reviewed where I went wrong they were silly things, so I should have done better, but considering I couldn’t even pass the quiz before the course, I’m very happy I passed and passed pretty well!

The course cost me $390. Not bad considering I have the content available for a month and I can review the modules up to 3 times. It’s probably pretty expensive for medical students though. They do have a quiz section for medical students. For $30 you will get access to 5 different radiology quizzes. Definitely potential for some good learning there! Click here if you want to check it out. Radiology is more important then you think while you’re in medical school. Especially when you’re in Emergency after hours and the X-rays are never reported, and even during hours at times they can take days to report so learning how to interpret X-rays well is vital.

One day left until I’m back to reality and an 80 hour week!


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