Internship complete!

And with that, the last 12 months have ensured that I completed my internship! It was a long, roller coaster of a slog, but I am out the other side complete, albeit with a bit less patience.

I spent my last week helping the new intern settle in to their upcoming term and it’s amazing to see just how much difference 12 months can make to someone’s knowledge and confidence. The newbies coming through look petrified, something I don’t remember totally feeling.

I knew the learning would be steep but I was never petrified. Help is always available when you need it. Over the year I was barely the shit magnet. I attended only one cardiac arrest which was in ICU (so I almost did nothing until I pushed my way through to finally do compressions on a real person) and picked up on one STEMI during my Emergency term. The wards after hours were not so exciting for me and the wards during the day also weren’t too action packed. Don’t get me wrong, I was busy, but internship is a lot of paperwork and because of that you need to be so organised, have good time management and know how to multitask so you can leave work at a respectable hour. The medicine in it all doesn’t really happen until you’re closing in on becoming a registrar.

Emergency of course was the favourite. The shift work sucked but once I was there, seeing patients and working them up was the best. Also never having to see them again helped. I’m not after the continuity of care aspect that medicine provides hence why critical care and especially anaesthetics is for me.

What will the next 12 months bring? A year full of terms that will make me a better doctor in knowledge and skill. One that will take all my money because of courses and study to get me closer to getting on the elusive anaesthetics program and finally my first job application/interview(s) in the medical domain. I’m looking forward to the year and where I will end up in 12 months time.

What are your professional goals for 2016?


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